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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering >> 2009, Volume 3, Issue 2 doi: 10.1007/s11709-009-0020-7

Effect of concrete creep and shrinkage on tall hybrid-structures and its countermeasures

College of Civil Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, China

Available online:2009-06-05

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This paper aims to study the different vertical displacements in tall hybrid-structures and the corresponding engineering measures. First, the method to calculate the different vertical displacements in tall hybrid-structures is presented. This method takes into account the effects of construction process by applying loads sequentially story by story. Based on the concrete creep and shrinkage calculation formula in American Concrete Institute (ACI) code, with the assumption that loads are increased linearly in members, the creep and shrinkage effects of members are analyzed by adopting two parameters named average load-aged coefficient and average age-last coefficient. The effects of steel ratio on members creep are analyzed by age-adjusted module method (AEMM). The effects that core-tube were constructed in advance to outer steel frame were also considered. Then, based on the sample calculation, the measures to effectively reduce the different vertical displacements in hybrid-structures are proposed. This method is simple and practical in the calculation of different vertical displacements in tall and super-tall hybrid-structures.

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