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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2003, Volume 5, Issue 2

A Prospect on Research and Application of Natural Toxins

Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Beijing 102205, China

Received:2002-06-27 Available online:2003-02-20

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Toxins are biogenic chemical substances with meaningful value. They display plentiful diversities in many aspects such as biogenity, chemical structure, biological activity, etc. Toxinology, a novel disciplinary subject , develops rapidly in recent decades, the advances in which are pushing effect on chemical biology, chemical ecology, biogenic syntheses, life science, environment science and medicine. It is noteworthy that the toxin research gives impetus to drug discovery. Numerous useful clinical medicines are natural toxins or them derivatives. Meanwhile, the information from toxin researches could provide valuable pharmacophoric pattern and structure motif for drug design. Furthermore, toxins are outstanding toos to explain and to search new target site of drugs.

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