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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2008, Volume 10, Issue 11

Some considerations on climate change based on philosophic principle

Chang’an University, Xi'an 710054, China

Received:2008-09-20 Available online:2008-11-13 08:54:16.000

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Based on basic principle of philosophy, the problem of global climate change is discussed by citing the data of geologic history and hydrometeor. The result shows that global climate change is continuing and the main motive force causing climate change is nature itself but not mankind; the current stage of climate change is a fluctuation part of whole stage of climate change and the change tendency is not eternality; the scope of the current stage of climate change is not exceeding the one of historical climate change. According to the points mentioned above, it may be concluded that the artificial emission of CO2 is not the main factor causing global climate change. So it is reasonable to analyze and treat particular climate change problem with special measure in the condition of different space-time.Finally some suggestions on dealing with the problem of climate change about China are proposed.










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