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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2013, Volume 15, Issue 4

Water resource and surface ecology protection technology of modern coal mining in China’s energy “Golden Triangle”

Shenhua Group Corporation Ltd., Beijing 100011, China

Received: 2013-01-31 Available online: 2013-04-16 09:49:11.000

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The energy "Golden Triangle", which consists of Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Ningxia, accounts for two-thirds of coal reserves and the overall coal production of China. The energy “Golden Triangle” plays an important role in the country's coal supply network, but it has only 3.9 percents of water resource in China. According to the contradiction between modern coal mining and severe water scarcity, the groundwater migration law and surface ecology environment self-recovery law with the development of modern coal mining is revealed, using innovative research method based on modern coal mining project of Shendong area. The coal mine distributed underground reservoirs and surface ecology recovery technology is firstly developed under the condition of modern coal mining in Western China, and the demonstration project is successfully established, which puts forward effective technical way to conservation of water resources and surface ecology recovery.










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