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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2014, Volume 16, Issue 3

Study on principle of electromagnetic-proof bionics and fault-restore mechanism

1. Department of Information Engineering,Ordnance Engineering College,Shijiazhuang 050003,China;

2. Institute of Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Protection,Ordnance Engineering College,Shijiazhuang 050003,China

Received:2013-08-29 Available online:2014-03-04 14:04:16.000

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As we borrowed the wisdom from biological neural system,the characteristic of interference-proof in information transferring process has been carefully studied. Our study includes the response of electrical- interference- proof circuit in electromagnetic environment,by means of bionics redesign. By doing so,new principles,new technics and new ways are adopted to solve the unavoidable situations in traditional electromagnet protection design.Thecomplex bionic topological networks based on Boolean model were firstly built and the charactoristic of degeneracy were analyzed,then the bidirectional actions between degeneracy in networks and the robustness of functions were proved in order to fill the gap to deal with the need of interference-proof. Based on the creation of the neuron networks and the electrical synapses in character of plasticity,the effective of the distribution in the weight of synapse to the character of network self- restoration was studied afterwards so that the corresponding mechanism could be defined. In this way,the research laid a theoretical foundation for electromagnetic protection and the self-restoration.







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