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Strategic Study of Chinese Academy of Engineering >> 2013, Volume 15, Issue 11

Recognition and practice on remanufacturing engineering management of military aero-engine

The Chinese People's Liberation Army No. 5719 Factory, Pengzhou, Sichuan 611936, China

Received:2013-08-30 Available online:2013-11-12 13:59:43.000

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Design,manufacture and maintenance of military fighter engine are particularly a lot more difficult to learn than those of other military aero-engines. Owing to military aero-engine is monopolized by very few countries and its core technology is never transferred, it features high risk,high investment,high barrier and high cost. Currently,design and manufacture of military aero-engine in China have not reached the level of independent research and development,instead,the method of long-term dependence on copying or importing others' military engine is adopted to meet the needs. However,after over twenty years of unremitting efforts of some domestic enterprise,Chinese all fighter engines including engines powered in designing aircraft have completely achieved the level of independent maintenance,whose maintenance technology, ability,quality, efficiency and cost have reached or surpassed those of importing nations,with a change developing from nothing and an improvement from weak to strong. In particular, more than ten projects concerning research and development of remanufacturing technology and the engineering application with the feature of independent intellectual property rights have promoted leapfrog improvement of Chinese military aero-engine independent maintenance level,whose function cannot be substituted.










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