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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2014, Volume 16, Issue 5

The expression mode of hsa-miR-197 in uterine leiomyomas tissue and related bioinformatics analysis

Gynecology of Affiliated Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital,Nanjing Medical University,Nanjing 210004,China

Funding project:国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目(81202042);南京市卫生局科技发展项目(QRX11212) Received: 2014-04-03 Available online: 2014-05-26 15:13:53.000

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We performed Real-time PCR to detect the hsa-miR-197 expression levels in uterine leiomyomas tissues and paired normal myometrium separately;online databases including miRbase,UCSC,NCBI are employed to analysis the sequence conservation and genetic characteristics of hsa- miR- 197;miRNA databases such as miRanda,MirTarget2 and TargetScan are chosen to predict hsa- miR- 197 target genes;meanwhile,the intersection genes of these miRNA databases are chosen,and GO and Pathway analysis of these genes are carried out to explore the potential role of hsa-miR-197 playing in regulating the uterine leiomyomas occurrence and development. hsa-miR-197 functions in broad ground and participates in uterine leiomyomas multiple biology progress,which indicates that hsa- miR- 197 could regulate uterine leiomyomas occurrence and development.







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