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Forum Notes

Respectable guests:

Welcome to International Green Chemical Engineering Summit 2019. With great pleasure, we present to you the following information to facilitate your work and stay during the forum:

1. The forum time is from May23 to 25 , 2019. Please refer to the forum agenda and participate in the activities. Please wear your guest pass and enter the forum venue 10 minutes in advance and find your seat in the designated area. Please turn off your phone or switch it to the silent mode in the forum venue.

2. Please bring your meal coupon for dinning.

Date Time Dinning arrangement
May 23 17:30-21:00 Grand Ballroom II A-3 (Buffet)
May 24



Grand Ballroom II A-3 (Buffet)

Grand Ballroom II A-3 (Table meals)

May 25 11:45-13:30 Grand Ballroom II A-3 (Buffet)

3. Please take good care of your personal belongings and bring your room card with you. If you are going out on your own, please inform your contact person in advance and pay attention to your safety. You are welcome to contact the conference team if necessary.

①.Conference coordinators: Qiwei Yang (0086)13868067514Zhirong Li (0086)18268089278

②.Plenary Lecturesand Session 1(Annex Building International Convention CenterC-5): GengwuCai(0086)13867418232

③. Session 2(Main BuildingHarvest Room 3/F HuafenShen(0086)15858148264

④. Round Table(MainBuildingDiplomat Boardroom 4/F Junjie Zhao(0086)18662332231

⑤.Dining, accommodation:Dan Chen (0086)15657110922

⑥.Medical service: Wenyan Zhao(0086)15088704915