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Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering >> 2022, Volume 17, Issue 2 doi: 10.1007/s11465-022-0676-4

Deviation correction strategy for the earth pressure balance shield based on shield–soil interactions

Available online: 2021-08-26

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The control system presently used in shield posture rectification is based on driver experience, which is marginally reliable. The study of the related theory is flawed. Therefore, a decision-making approach for the deviation correction trajectory and posture rectification load for an earth pressure balance (EPB) shield is proposed. A calculation model of posture rectification load of an EPB shield is developed by considering the interactions among the cutter head, shield shell, and ground. The additional position change during the shield attitude correction is highlighted. The posture rectification loads and shield behaviors results can be solved by the proposed method. The influences of the stratum distribution (i.e., bedrock height in the upper-soft and lower-hard strata) on shield behaviors and posture rectification loads are analyzed. Results indicated that the increase of pitch angle in the upper-soft and lower-hard strata causes a sharp rise in vertical displacement. The bedrock height increases the magnitudes of the required posture rectification moments when hr/D > 0.5. For a tunnel with hr/D ≤ 0.5, the variation of hr/D has little effect on the posture rectification moments. Finally, the posture rectifying curves based on the theoretical model are compared with the target ones based on the double circular arc interpolation method. The required results can be obtained regardless of the soil–rock compound stratum distribution. The maximum rectification moment in the rock layer is almost 12.6 times that in the soil layer. Overall, this study provides a valuable reference for moment determination and the trajectory prediction of posture rectification in compound strata.

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