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Frontiers of Medicine >> 2020, Volume 14, Issue 4 doi: 10.1007/s11684-020-0743-3

State-of-the-art of intelligent minimally invasive surgical robots

Future Robotics Organization, Waseda University, Tokyo 1620044, Japan; Beijing Advanced Innovation Centre for Intelligent Robots and Systems, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China

Received: 2020-03-31 Accepted: 2020-07-03 Available online: 2020-07-03

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A number of developed countries are rapidly turning into super-aged societies. Consequently, the demand for reduced surgical invasiveness and enhanced efficiency in the medical field has increased due to the need to reduce the physical burden on older patients and shorten their recovery period. Intelligent surgical robot systems offer high precision, high safety, and reduced invasiveness. This paper presents a review of current intelligent surgical robot systems. The history of robots and three types of intelligent surgical robots are discussed. The problems with current surgical robot systems are then analyzed. Several aspects that should be considered in designing new surgical systems are discussed in detail. The paper ends with a summary of the work and a discussion of future prospects for surgical robot development.

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