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Frontiers of Medicine doi: 10.1007/s11684-021-0891-0

Chinese expert consensus on oral drugs for the treatment of mature B-cell lymphomas (2020 edition)

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Oral drugs such as ibrutinib play an important role in the treatment of mature B-cell lymphoma (BCL) due to their reliable efficacy, manageable safety, high accessibility, and convenience for use. Still, no guidelines or consensus focusing on oral drug therapies for BCL is available. To provide a reference of oral agent-based treatment for mature BCL, a panel of experts from the Lymphocyte Disease Group, Chinese Society of Hematology, Chinese Medical Association conducted an extensive discussion and reached a consensus on oral drugs for Chinese BCL patients on the basis of the current application status of oral drugs in China, combined with the latest authoritative guidelines in the world and current research reports. This consensus reviewed the application of oral drugs in the treatment of BCL and the latest research and provided appropriate recommendations on the use of oral drugs for indolent or aggressive BCL patients. With the deepening of research and the development of standardized clinical applications, oral medications will bring better treatment to BCL patients, enabling more patients to benefit from them.

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