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Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering >> 2023, Volume 17, Issue 6 doi: 10.1007/s11705-022-2278-4

Enzyme@bismuth-ellagic acid: a versatile platform for enzyme immobilization with enhanced acid-base stability

Received: 2022-08-28 Accepted: 2023-03-31 Available online: 2023-03-31

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In situ encapsulation is an effective way to synthesize enzyme@metal–organic framework biocatalysts; however, it is limited by the conditions of metal–organic framework synthesis and its acid-base stability. Herein, a biocatalytic platform with improved acid-base stability was constructed via a one-pot method using bismuth-ellagic acid as the carrier. Bismuth-ellagic acid is a green phenol-based metal–organic framework whose organic precursor is extracted from natural plants. After encapsulation, the stability, especially the acid-base stability, of amyloglucosidases@bismuth-ellagic acid was enhanced, which remained stable over a wide pH range (2–12) and achieved multiple recycling. By selecting a suitable buffer, bismuth-ellagic acid can encapsulate different types of enzymes and enable interactions between the encapsulated enzymes and cofactors, as well as between multiple enzymes. The green precursor, simple and convenient preparation process provided a versatile strategy for enzymes encapsulation.

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