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Engineering doi: 10.1016/j.eng.2022.08.011

The Bioprospecting of Microbial-Derived Antimicrobial Peptides for Sustainable Agriculture

a College of Chemical Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350108, China
b College of Biological Science and Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350108, China

Received:2022-05-19 Revised:2022-07-04 Accepted: 2022-08-01 Available online:2022-09-30

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Strategies aimed at defining, discovering, and developing alternatives to traditional antibiotics will underlie the development of sustainable agricultural systems. Among such strategies, antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and multifaceted mechanisms of action are recognized as ideal alternatives in the post-antibiotic era. In particular, AMPs derived from microbes with active metabolisms that can adapt to a variety of extreme environments have long been sought after. Consequently, this review summarizes information on naturally occurring AMPs, including their biological activity, antimicrobial mechanisms, and the preparation of microbial-derived AMPs; it also outlines their applications and the challenges presented by their use in the agroindustry. By dissecting the research results on microbial-derived AMPs of previous generations, this study contributes valuable knowledge on the exploration and realization of the applications of AMPs in sustainable agriculture.

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