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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2002, Volume 4, Issue 9

Some Issues on Water-saving and High-efficiency Farming of China

Dept, of Administration , Ministry of Water Resources , Beijing 100053, China

Received: 2002-06-02 Available online: 2002-09-20

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Would the foods of China be sufficient to support the need of 1.6 billion people? The answer to this question depends on the possibility of relying on the existing 400 billion m3 of irrigation water to increase grain output from the 500 million tons to 700 million tons in the future while meeting the water demand of other crops. In order to achieve the strategic goal, water-saving and high-efficiency farming must be built without any doubt. However, for a long time, emphasis was laid on the engineering works of irrigation projects while slighting their management, on the construction of main projects while slighting the timely completion of related supplementary works, on the irrigation while slighting drainage on the farms. By analyzing the current irrigated farming, the author draws a conclusion that all these problems remained unsolved are because of shortcomings in the management system, investment mechanism and price policy, and gives some reforming suggestions in the paper. It is also analyzed that great effort should be paid on the improvement of the traditional farming to pave the way for restructuring agriculture of China.


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