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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2004, Volume 6, Issue 4

Multimethod Collaborative Optimization Algorithm Based on Embedding Collaboration

College of Aerospace and Material Engineering , National University of Defense Technology , Changsha 410073 , China

Funding project:国家“八六三”高技术资助项目(2002AA723041) Received: 2003-05-24 Revised: 2003-07-24 Available online: 2004-04-20

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Multi-method collaborative optimization algorithm based on embedding collaboration is advanced. It uses embedding structure to collaborate different kinds of optimization methods, and makes use of the collaboration effect among them to improve the optimization performance. A multimethod collaborative optimization algorithm base on embedding collaboration is designed, which is composed of genetic algorithm, pattern search method and Powell's method. Results show that multi-method collaborative optimization algorithm based on embedding collaboration obtains better global optimization performance than single optimization method.





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