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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2010, Volume 12, Issue 10

Internal corrosion control and monitoring of Puguang gas gathering system

Shengli Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd., Dongying, Shandong 257026, China

Received: 2010-07-29 Available online: 2010-10-13 08:42:38.000

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The corrosion features of highly hydrogen sulfur and carbon dioxide sour gas field were introduced, and the corrosion research results of simulating site operation condition of Puguang gas gathering system during the Puguang Gas Field development were discussed. The corrosion control plan of"carbon steel + corrosion inhibitor + pigging + corrosion monitoring"  was expounded which is designed for the Puguang Gas Field with highly hydrogen sulfuer , involuted terrain, a dense population, and a "wet"  gas gathering system. The execution effect of corrosion control & monitoring was preliminarily evaluated, and the proposal for some existing problems was given.







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