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  • Strategic Study of CAE (SSCAE, ISSN: 1009-1742; E-ISSN: 2096-0034) is supervised by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), cosponsored by CAE Center for Strategic Studies and Higher Education Press Co., Ltd., and published by China Engineering Science Press Co., Ltd. This journal is one of the “1+9+1” journal series launched by the CAE. The standing editorial board of the journal is also the CAE Advisory Committee.

    SSCAE is an academic journal regarding strategic research on engineering science and technology. It mainly publishes research papers that reflect key achievements from strategic research projects of the engineering field and aims to encourage academic achievements, guide industry development, and provide a reference for scientific decision-making of relevant government departments.

    SSCAE publishes special topics and welcomes free submissions. The special topics are collected mainly based on the advisory projects launched by the CAE, focusing on major projects. The free submissions centers on strategic research outputs in key research areas of the engineering field.

    The topic of the journal focuses on three major directions: comprehensive, strategic, and prospective research results concerning major national strategic needs and key issues of economic and social development; major research outputs regarding key engineering and technological decision-making; and advancements in strategic research in response to the decision-making of sudden major events.

    SSCAE is a bimonthly journal published in Chinese. It is one of the source journals for both Core Journals of China and Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations (CSTPCD). It is also included in the China Science Citation Database (CSCD), the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Chinese Bibliographic Database (JST China), and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The journal is selected into the Excellence Action Plan for China's STM Journals in 2019.

    This journal cooperates with the following databases: China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Wanfang Data, Chongqing VIP Information Co., Ltd., Beijing Century Superstar Information Technology Co, Ltd., Depository Library of Chinese Publications, National Social Sciences Database, National Center for Philosophy and Social Science Documentation, Baidu Scholar, and Higher Education Press.

    The Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of the journal released by CNKI in 2023 was 7.204, and its Academic Journal Clout Index was 764.732, ranking first among the 55 academic journals in the category of Basic Disciplines of Engineering and Technological Science. The JIF of the journal released by CSCD was 1.9061, ranking first among the comprehensive journals for industrial technologies. SSCAE was selected as one of the 100 Outstanding Academic Journals of China 2022, with a core impact factor of 3.387, ranking 39th among the 2151 core technical journals (comprising 1996 journals published in Chinese and 155 journals in English). The journal was also selected as an Outstanding S&T Journals of China, with 20 papers being selected into the Frontrunner 5000: Top Articles from Outstanding S&T Journals of China.

  • Aims of the journal

    This journal is dedicated to supporting the development of national high-end science and technology think tanks and national scientific decision-making. Its aims are: to provide a high-level platform where major research outputs can be disseminated and shared; to discuss hot topics and challenges in engineering science; to spread the influence and strengthen the effects of major research outputs; and to promote academic exchanges, in the hope of providing a reference for the scientific decision-making of relevant government departments and further research by scholars.

    Scope of publication

    This journal publishes academic papers that provide insight into the results of (non-confidential) strategic research in the field of engineering science, including three main aspects: comprehensive, strategic, and prospective research results concerning major national strategic needs and key issues of economic and social development; major research outputs regarding key decision-making in the development of the national economy, especially research results of major scientific and technological decision-making in the field of industry; and advancements in strategic research in response to the decision-making of sudden major events.

    Published Topics


    Development Trends and Future Prospects of 6G Technology

    Cyberspace Security Technology System and Risk Response

    Technological Innovation and Development of the Medical and Health Industry

    Green and Low-Carbon Development of Aviation Industry

    National Food Security

    Transformation of Agricultural and Food System

    Major Basic Technology and Innovation Capability Development of Marine Equipment

    Response to Marine Geological Disasters

    International Application of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

    Energy Transformation and Power Supply Security

    National Urban Security Risk Intelligent Control

    Advanced Nonferrous Metal Materials in China


    Agricultural Development in China by 2050

    Ecological Protection and High-Quality Development of the Yellow River Basin

    Several Major Issues in Strengthening China's Manufacturing Sector

    High-Quality Development of National Key Minerals and Material Supply Chain

    Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Development

    Internet Plus Action Plan

    Engineering Application of Quantum Information Technology

    Water Security for Ecological Civilization Construction

    Coordinated Development Between Water Balance and Territory Space

    Energy Strategy (2035)

    Food Nutrition and Health


    Promoting the Revolution of Energy Production and Consumption (2035)

    Strengthening the Network Industry of China

    Security of New-Generation Industrial Internet

    National Standardization

    Security and Independent Development of New-Generation Artificial Intelligence

    Smart Agriculture

    High-Quality Development of China's Construction Industry

    Prevention and Control of Public Health Emergencies in China

    Paths for Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutralization in China


    Green and Circular Development of the Qinba Mountain Area

    Emerging Industries

    Laser Technology and Application by 2035

    Internet Plus Action Plan Development by 2035

    New Material Development by 2035

    Marine Equipment

    Cyberspace Security


    Mineral Resources

    Materials used for New-Generation Nuclear Power Plants

    Planning, Construction, and Management of Villages and Towns

    Medical Personnel Training

    Bridge Engineering

    Self-dependent Innovation of China’s Automobile industry

    Belt and Road Construction

    Food Security

    Ecological Civilization Construction

    Marine Development


    Automobile Industry Development

    Internet Plus Action Plan Development

    Energy Technology Revolution

    Intelligent Manufacturing Led by New-Generation Artificial Intelligence

    Agricultural Resources and Environment

    Disruptive Technologies in the Engineering Field


    China’s Engineering Science and Technology by 2035

    National Health and Medicine

    Manufacturing Development in China

    Development of Industrial Foundation in China

    Ecological Civilization Construction

    China’s Railway

    Prediction of Disruptive Technologies

    Transportation Infrastructure

    Urban Underground Space Development


    Agricultural Development

    Marine Engineering


    Strategic Emerging Industries

    Green and Circular Development of the Qinba Mountain Area

    Cyberspace Security


    Manufacturing Development in China

    Ecological Civilization Construction

    Energy Development s

  • The editorial board of Strategic Study of CAE is composed of a standing editorial board and a guest editorial board set up for each special topic of the journal. You may find the list of each guest editorial board below the cover of the corresponding issue.

    Standing Editorial Board

    Editor in Chief

    Wu Manqing

    Institution: Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

    Research interests: Radar technology and network information system

    Associate Editor-in-Chief

    Deng Xiuxin 

    Institution: Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

    Research interests: Genetic improvement and variety breeding of citrus

    Li Zhongping

    Institution: Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

    Research interests: Application basics and engineering application of composite materials in extreme aerospace environments

    Rao Zihe

    Institution: Tsinghua University, China

    Research interests: Three-dimensional structures of human pathogens and their important proteins

    Executive Editor-in-Chief

    Chen Jianfeng

    Institution: Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

    Research interests: Supergravity technology and nanometer materials

    Executive Associate Editor-in-Chief

    Wu Xiang

    Institution: Center for Strategic Studies, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China


    Zhang Jun

    Institution: Beijing Institute of Technology, China

    Research interests: Air traffic control, aeronautical communications and navigation

    Qiu Zhiming

    Institution: Naval Research Institute, China

    Research interests: Shipboard weapon systems and combat systems of naval vessels

    Fei Aiguo

    Institution: Air Force Academy, China

    Research interests: Data chain and command information system and technologies

    Luo Xiangang

    Institution: Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Research interests: Photoelectric technologies

    Li Yuanyuan

    Institution: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

    Research interests: Powder metallurgy and nonferrous alloy

    Xie Jianxin

    Institution: University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

    Research interests: Metal solidification, processing, and heat treatment, and related key equipment

    Liu Jizhen

    Institution: North China Electric Power University, China

    Research interests: Thermal power generation and new-energy power system control

    Li Yang

    Institution: China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China

    Research interests: Basic theories and key engineering technologies for oil and gas reservoir exploitation

    Hu Chunhong

    Institution: China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

    Research interests: Mechanics of sediment transport, river bed evolution, flow-sediment regulation technology, and river regulation

    Xu Jian

    Institution: China National Machinery Industry Corporation, China

    Research interests: Vibration control, structure seismic, and new masonry structure

    Hou Li'an

    Institution: Rocket Force University of Engineering, China

    Research interests: Drinking water safety, treatment of scattered point-source domestic sewage, and air purification for human settlements

    Ren Fazheng

    Institution: China Agricultural University, China

    Research interests: Dairy science and nutritional engineering

    Chen Huanchun

    Institution: Huazhong Agricultural University, China

    Research interests: Etiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, genetically engineered vaccines, and molecular diagnostic reagents of major zoonoses and anthropozoonoses, and comprehensive control of animal epidemic diseases

    Zhang Jiabao

    Institution: Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Research interests: Simulation of the soil water and material circulation system, quick access to soil information, soil improvement, and land productivity enhancement

    Zhang Boli

    Institution: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

    Research interests: Prevention and cure of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine

    Zhan Qimin

    Institution: Peking University, China

    Research interests: Tumor molecular biology and tumor translational medicine

    Ding Lieyun

    Institution: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

    Research interests: Digital construction, engineering safety theory and technology


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    Issue numbers: 2-859 (China); M1417 (foreign). 

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