Engineering Owner: Construction Headquarters of Yangshan Deep-water Port Phase IV Project of Shanghai International Shipping Center

Sustainability has become increasingly important, however, relatively little attention has focused on metrics for the construction and operation of airport and roadway infrastructure. Most attention has focused on buildings, with high profile BREEAM and LEED projects taking center stage. Sustainability is also important in airport and roadway infrastructure projects, which have significant public impact but have a much lower profile than vertical construction when it comes to sustainability. Sustainable infrastructure is important in China and India where new infrastructure is under construction to meet growing and developing economies, and in the US, where infrastructure is in substandard condition and requires reconstruction. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview and discussion of sustainability rating systems for airport and roadway infrastructure, including both construction and operation. Specific projects that highlight both proven and innovative sustainable practices are included to illustrate the application of these concepts. Finally, the relationship between sustainable transportation infrastructure and resilient transportation infrastructure is addressed since resiliency is of growing interest and there is overlap between these concepts.

Shanghai Baoye Group Engineering Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Longgang Construction and Works Bureau Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yinjian’an Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Jiuyi Green Operation Management Co. Ltd.

Article 06 May 2019

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production is regarded as a new production mode and derived from the production site of Japanese electronics industry. This production mode is proposed to overcome the low flexibility of the assembly line. production has been successfully implemented in Japanese electronics industry, such as Canon and Sony. Benefits from production include rapid response, good flexibility, and high productivity. production has received extensive attention in academic research and production practice. This study reviews the background, characteristics, types, and operation of production. The advantages and applicable scenes of production are summarized from the perspective of business practice. We compare production and famous production modes, i.e., assembly line, cellular manufacturing, and Toyota Production System. The literature on production is surveyed and classified. Furthermore, future research directions are provided.

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