A novel nanocomposite OMWCNT-A-GO was synthesized by conjugating OMWCNT and GO.

The P-OMWCNT-A-GO membrane was fabricated by non-solvent induced phase inversion.

The P-OMWCNT-A-GO exhibits the best water flux, BSA rejection and flux recovery.

It should be due to the enhanced membrane pore size, porosity and hydrophilicity.

Xiaoyan Guo ,   Chunyu Li   et al.

The trans-regional characteristics of watershed governance produce more problems beyond the capacity of each individual water-related department, leading to the fragmentation of watershed management. The River Chief System (RCS) has experienced swift developments over the past decade in China by appointing the local government heads as river chiefs. RCS works efficiently in the short-term due to its superiority in the inclusion of clear responsibility, authority, and multi-sectoral collaboration. However, the characteristics of the authority-based vertical coordination of the hierarchical system remain unchanged, and therefore the problems of organizational logic and the responsibility dilemma still exist. Tasks including perfecting of laws, integrated watershed management, and public participation still need to be completed. RCS reflects the routine and characteristics of the migration of national governance, and as such provides new insights for other developing countries in the design of river management systems.

Longfei Wang ,   Jiaxin Tong   et al.

A two-stage BTF system was established treating odorous off-gas mixture from a WWTP.

The two-stage BTF system showed resistance for the lifting load of H2S and VOSC.

Miseq Illumina sequencing showed separated functional microbial community in BTFs.

Avoiding H2S inhibition and enhancement of VOSC degradation was achieved.

Key control point was discussed to help industrial application of the system.

Shihao Sun ,   Tipei Jia   et al.

AOA amoA genes in the soils of the two wetlands affiliated with three lineages.

The main drivers of AOA community were pH and total organic carbon and ammonium.

The soil characteristics rather than the vegetation control the AOA community.

Chunhong Chen ,   Hong Liang   et al.

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