Article 2021-03-08


has the advantage of broadband saturable absorption from the visible to the infrared bands. Herein, the two-dimensional material saturable absorber (SA) of the family was first applied experimentally in a wideband tunable passively Q-switched Yb-doped fiber laser. High-quality crystals were synthesized by the flux zone method. The SA with fewer layers was further prepared via a modified mechanical exfoliation procedure. Meanwhile, stable wavelength-tunable passive Q-switching pulse operation was obtained in a Yb-doped fiber ring cavity based on the SA, where the central wavelength can be continuously tuned from 1040.89 to 1092.85 nm. Results suggest that has wideband saturable absorption properties, and that the tunable pulse laser can provide a convenient and simple source for practical applications.

Tao Wang ,   Qiang Yu   et al.
Article 2021-03-08


We study the exfoliation of ultrathin ReS nanosheets from the prepared ReS powder and their application to Q-switched Er-doped fiber laser. XRD, Raman, and XPS spectra confirm the successful preparation of the layered ReS. SEM images show that the obtained ReS sheets have lateral size below 200 nm. The thickness of the ReS nanosheets is smaller than 5 nm according to the AFM results. ReS/PVA film is applied as a in an Er-doped , and a minimum pulse duration of 2.4 μs and an output power of 1.25 mW are obtained, indicating the potential application to Q-switched lasers.

Junshan He ,   Guohua Zeng   et al.
Article 2021-03-08


We demonstrate the generation of noise-like pulses (NLPs) and soliton rains in a saturable absorber mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser. Typical NLPs are obtained at a proper pump power and in a cavity polarization state. The soliton rain operation with multiple solitons can be achieved by finely adjusting the cavity polarization state. In addition, distinctive multi-soliton interactions are observed and investigated, including the fundamental mode-locking and multiple pulses. The experimental results can help further understand nonlinear pulse dynamics in ultrafast optics.

Pinghua Tang ,   Mulin Luo   et al.
Article 2021-03-08


Developing new saturable absorbers for use in the mid-infrared region has practical significance for short-pulsed lasers and related scientific and industrial applications. The performance of (GNRs) as saturable absorbers at novel mid-infrared wavelengths needs to be evaluated even though these benefit from ultrafast nonlinear responses and broadband saturable absorption. of an LD-pumped Tm:YLF laser using GNRs was successfully realized in this study. Pulses with an 843 ns pulse width and a 6.67 kHz repetition rate were achieved using this Q-switched laser. Results showed that GNRs provide promising passive Q-switches for Tm-doped lasers.

Fu-yan Wu ,   Shi-qiang Wang   et al.

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