Highly compressible and anisotropic lamellar ceramic sponges with superior thermal insulation and acoustic absorption performances

Public Time: 2020-07-24 00:00:00
Journal: Nature Communications
doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-17533-6
Author: Chao Jia;Lei Li;Ying Liu;Ben Fang;He Ding;Jianan Song;Yibo Liu;Kejia Xiang;Sen Lin;Ziwei Li;Wenjie Si;Bo Li;Xing Sheng;Dongze Wang;Xiaoding Wei;Hui Wu
Summary: Advanced ceramic sponge materials with temperature-invariant high compressibility are urgently needed as thermal insulators, energy absorbers, catalyst carriers, and high temperature air filters. However, the application of ceramic sponge materials is severely limited due to their complex preparation process. Here, we present a facile method for large-scale fabrication of highly compressible, temperature resistant SiO2-Al2O3 composite ceramic sponges by blow spinning and subsequent calcination. We successfully produce anisotropic lamellar ceramic sponges with numerous stacked microfiber layers and density as low as 10 mg cm−3. The anisotropic lamellar ceramic sponges exhibit high compression fatigue resistance, strain-independent zero Poisson’s ratio, robust fire resistance, temperature-invariant compression resilience from −196 to 1000 °C, and excellent thermal insulation with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.034 W m−1 K−1. In addition, the lamellar structure also endows the ceramic sponges with excellent sound absorption properties, representing a promising alternative to existing thermal insulation and acoustic absorption materials.
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