Polymer/molecular semiconductor all-organic composites for high-temperature dielectric energy storage

Public Time: 2020-08-06 00:00:00
Journal: Nature Communications
doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-17760-x
Author: Chao Yuan;Yao Zhou;Yujie Zhu;Jiajie Liang;Shaojie Wang;Simin Peng;Yushu Li;Sang Cheng;Mingcong Yang;Jun Hu;Bo Zhang;Rong Zeng;Jinliang He;Qi Li
Summary: Dielectric polymers for electrostatic energy storage suffer from low energy density and poor efficiency at elevated temperatures, which constrains their use in the harsh-environment electronic devices, circuits, and systems. Although incorporating insulating, inorganic nanostructures into dielectric polymers promotes the temperature capability, scalable fabrication of high-quality nanocomposite films remains a formidable challenge. Here, we report an all-organic composite comprising dielectric polymers blended with high-electron-affinity molecular semiconductors that exhibits concurrent high energy density (3.0 J cm−3) and high discharge efficiency (90%) up to 200 °C, far outperforming the existing dielectric polymers and polymer nanocomposites. We demonstrate that molecular semiconductors immobilize free electrons via strong electrostatic attraction and impede electric charge injection and transport in dielectric polymers, which leads to the substantial performance improvements. The all-organic composites can be fabricated into large-area and high-quality films with uniform dielectric and capacitive performance, which is crucially important for their successful commercialization and practical application in high-temperature electronics and energy storage devices.
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