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Frontiers of Engineering Management >> 2021, Volume 8, Issue 1 doi: 10.1007/s42524-019-0042-3

Owner-dominated building information modeling and lean construction in a megaproject

. College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou 450000, China.. School of Construction Management and Real Estate, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China.. This study is supported by the Key Research Projects in Colleges and Universities (15A560021) and Key Research Projects of Henan Science and Technology Department (182107000007).

Accepted: 2019-07-01 Available online: 2019-07-01

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The integration of building information modeling (BIM) and lean construction (LC) provides a solution for the management of megaprojects. Previous studies have generally focused on the theoretical or empirical adoption of BIM and LC. Moreover, only a few studies have examined the approach of simultaneously using BIM and LC in megaprojects. Therefore, an intensive study on the application of BIM and LC in megaprojects, particularly to explore considerably effective integrated application modes of BIM and LC in megaprojects, will substantially promote the management efficiency of megaprojects. The current study describes a method that integrates owner-dominated BIM and LC that was developed in a case study. The proposed method provides a framework for all stakeholders to use BIM and LC in a megaproject dominated by the owner. The interactional relations among the owner, BIM, and LC were analyzed and positive interactions were identified. These positive interactions served as a basis for the implementation of this integrated approach in a case study and could be applied to other megaprojects. The megaproject (i.e., airport construction project) was examined to verify the performance of the developed method. Results showed that the integration of BIM and LC dominated by the owner can improve management performance and achieve high quality standard.

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