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China Engineering Science Press was founded in 1999 and has three departments: English Journal Department, Chinese Journal Department, as well as Administrative and Marketing Department. It is mainly responsible for the publication and distribution of two journals of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE): Engineering and Strategic Study of CAE, providing professional publishing and knowledge services for innovation achievements and strategic research results from the field of engineering science and technology (EST).

With the goal of publishing world-class scientific and technological journals, we adhere to best quality, specialization, digitalization, internationalization, and clustered development. Focusing on the frontiers of EST innovation, we strive for the first release of major global innovation achievements, promote academic communications, and give full play to the academic leading role of our journals. The Press organizes the selection of “Global Top Ten Engineering Achievements” and hosts high-end academic conferences, aiming to strengthen the cohesion of the domestic EST community and promote the influence of our journals in the international EST community.

Engineering (monthly) is a flagship journal of the CAE. It is supervised by the CAE and co-sponsored by the CAE Center for Strategic Studies and the Higher Education Press. Launched in 2015, Engineering is an open access journal that reports the frontier progresses of global EST. it aims to provide a high-level platform for the release and exchange of major achievements in the EST field, promote the progress of EST, serve the society, and benefit mankind. The columns of the journal include News & Highlights, Views & Comments, Engineering Achievements, and Research Articles. The journal has been indexed by SCI, EI, DOAJ, Scopus, and CSCD. In 2019, it was selected as a leading journal of the Excellence Action Plan for China’s STM Journals. The latest Impact Factor of Engineering is 12.8.

Strategic Study of CAE is a bimonthly journal supervised by the CAE and jointly sponsored by the CAE Center for Strategic Studies and the Higher Education Press. It is an academic journal regarding strategic research on EST. Launched in 1999, the journal is an important academic platform for the CAE to build a national high-end think tank and promote scientific and technological progress. It aims to encourage academic research, guide industry development, and provide references for scientific decision-making of relevant government departments. The journal is one of the source journals for both Core Journals of China and Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations (CSTPCD). It is also included in CSCD, JST, and DOAJ. In 2019, it was selected as an echelon journal of the Excellence Action Plan for China’s STM Journals.

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