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Strategic Study of CAE >> 2019, Volume 21, Issue 3 doi: 10.15302/J-SSCAE-2019.03.019

Thoughts on the Law of Automobile Industry Development

1. Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Beijing 100055, China;

2. Center for Strategic Studies, CAE, Beijing 100088, China

Received:2019-05-08 Revised:2019-05-20

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Automobile industry has accumulated numerous worldwide-accepted laws since its emergence over 130 years ago.China's automobile industry is currently facing a strategic opportunity for industrial transformation and upgrading, so it is necessary to strengthen the research on the laws of development for the automobile industry, thus to avoid any impulsive actions. In this paper, nine laws of development are summarized from the aspects of technology, market, and talent, including the complementary relationship between transformation and upgrading, the characteristics of the capital-, technology-, and labor-intensive industry, the inevitable requirements of innovation and collaboration, etc., thus to guide and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the automobile industry in China.


Fig. 1


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