Registration: May 23th, 2019 08:30-22:00 Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel
24 May Zhejiang Narada Grand Hote
May 24, 2019 8:30-17:40
International Convention Center, Annex Building 5th Floor, Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel
Time Chair Speaker Content
8:30~8:50 QunjiXue Remarksfromthe leader of CAE
Remarks from the People's Government of Zhejiang Province
Welcomingspeechfrom the leader of ZJU
Remarksfrom the leader of CMM Division of CAE
Remarksfrom the leader of ZJUT
8:50~9:20 Group photo + coffee break
9:20~10:00 Liancheng Zhao Tao Zhang Will Liquid Sunshine Be a Future Option of Green Energy in China?
10:00~10:40 Krzysztof Matyjaszewsk Towards Green Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
10:40~11:20 Congjie Gao Xianghong Cao Boosting the Development of Novel Green Refinery Processes with Low Carbon Footprin
11:20-12:00 Clayton Radke Molecular Thermodynamics of Polymer Fuel-Cell Electrolyte Membranes
12:00~14:00 Lunch
14:00~14:40 Eric Shaqfeh Tianwei Tan Green Biomanufacturing
14:40~15:20 Shiping Zhu Polymer Innovation for Green Production and Processing
15:20~15:40 Teabreak
15:40~16:20 Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Eric Shaqfeh How Can One Engineer FrackingFluids to Support Solids?
16:20~17:00 Jesse Zhu A Paradigm Shift in Pharmaceutical Coating – From Solvent to Dry Powder Coating
17:00~17:40 Pierre Braunstein Catalytic Ethylene Oligomerization with New Chromium Pincer Complexes
25 May Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel
May 25th, 2019 08:30-11:50 International Convention Center, Annex Building 5th Floor,
Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel Session 1
Time Speaker Affiliation Content
Chair : Jinlong Gong
8:30~9:00 Xiaonian Li Zhejiang University of Technology Configuration of Catalytic Reaction Micro-enivronment with BiomimeticStrategy
9:00~9:30 Xiangping Zhang Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ionic Liquid-based Gas Separation and Conversion Processes
9:30~10:00 Tao Xie Zhejiang University Dynamic Covalent Polymer Network: New Opportunities with old Chemistry
10:00~10:20 Teabreak
Chair : Zhenghong Luo
10:20~10:50 Jinlong Gong Tianjin University Catalytic Solar Fuels: Constructing Tandem Cells for Overall Water Splitting
10:50~11:20 Qiang Zhang Tsinghua University Li Metal Anode Protection in Safe Batteries
11:20~11:50 YingwuLuo Zhejiang University RAFT Emulsion Polymerization: from Process Fundamentals to Emerging Materials
11:50~14:00 Lunch
May 25th, 2019 8:30-11:50Harvest Room, Main Building 3rd Floor, Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel Session 2
Time Speaker Affiliation Content
Chair : Jinxiang Dong
8:30~9:00 Liangyin Chu Sichuan University Artificial Smart Membranes
9:00~9:30 Haihui Wang South China University of Technology Two DimentionalMXene Membranes for Separation
9:30~10:00 Jianguo Wang Zhejiang University of Technology Multiscale Simulation on Supported Nanocatalysts
10:00~10:20 Teabreak
Chair : Liangyin Chu
10:20~10:50 Zhichang Liu China University of Petroleum(Beijing) Quantitative Characterization of Catalytic Activity of Chloroaluminate Ionic Liquids and Industrial Application
10:50~11:20 Yong Wang Nanjing University of Technology Design Gradient Porosity in Phenolic Membranes for Fast Permeation
11:20~11:50 William Tarpeh University of California, Berkeley Electrochemical Stripping to Recover Nitrogen from Wastewate
11:50~14:00 Lunch
May 25, 2019 8:30-11:50 Diplomat Boardroom 4th floor, Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel Session 3
Time Speaker Affiliation Content
Chair : Tao Zhang, Qilong Ren
8:30~10:00 Panel Discussion: Molecular Chemical Engineering —the Convergence of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
10:10~10:20 Teabreak
Chair :Eric Shaqfeh, Bogeng Li
10:20~11:50 Panel discussion: Artificial intelligence + chemical engineering
11:50~14:00 Lunch
May 25, 2019 14:00-16:10 International Convention Center, AnnexBuilding 5th Floor, Zhejiang Narada Grand Hote
Time Speaker Affiliation Content
14:00~14:40 Clayton Radke Gerald Fuller Lubricin – Alleviating the Effects of Dry Eye
14:40~15:20 Liancheng Zhao Nonlinear Optical Endoscopic Observation and Diagnosis of Cancer and Quantum Biological Therapy
15:20~16:00 David Weitz Dripping, jetting, drops and wetting
16:00~16:10 Fengting Sang Summary of the meeting & Closing ceremony