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Frontiers of Medicine >> 2022, Volume 16, Issue 1 doi: 10.1007/s11684-021-0881-2

Hyperglycemic memory in diabetic cardiomyopathy

Available online: 2022-02-15

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Cardiovascular diseases account for approximately 80% of deaths among individuals with diabetes mellitus, with diabetic cardiomyopathy as the major diabetic cardiovascular complication. Hyperglycemia is a symptom that abnormally activates multiple downstream pathways and contributes to cardiac hypertrophy, fibrosis, apoptosis, and other pathophysiological changes. Although glycemic control has long been at the center of diabetes therapy, multicenter randomized clinical studies have revealed that intensive glycemic control fails to reduce heart failure-associated hospitalization and mortality in patients with diabetes. This finding indicates that hyperglycemic stress persists in the cardiovascular system of patients with diabetes even if blood glucose level is tightly controlled to the normal level. This process is now referred to as hyperglycemic memory (HGM) phenomenon. We briefly reviewed herein the current advances that have been achieved in research on the underlying mechanisms of HGM in diabetic cardiomyopathy.

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