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Strategic Study of Chinese Academy of Engineering doi: 10.15302/J-SSCAE-2022.06.014

Empirical Mode and Promotion Strategy of Ecological Civilization Construction in the Pearl River Delta Region

1. Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning, Beijing 100012, China;
2. State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Environmental Planning and Policy Simulation, Beijing 100012, China;
3. Guangdong Provincial Academy of; Environmental Science, Guangzhou 510045, China

Received:2022-06-09 Revised:2022-11-07 Available online:2022-11-17

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Ecological civilization construction is a major national development strategy. Studying the empirical modes and promotion
strategies of ecological civilization construction in economically developed regions is vital for leading the construction across the
country. This study used the Pearl River Delta region as an example, summarized the achievements from the aspects of ecological
space pattern, ecological environment quality, ecological civilization system, and coordinated economic and environmental
development, and explored the innovative models of regional ecological civilization construction. Considering the major challenges,
we proposed the development goals and paths for regional ecological civilization construction, thus to provide a basic reference for
the ecological civilization construction in economically developed regions in China. We proposed the following six strategic
suggestions: (1) enhancing the protection and restoration capabilities of national land space; (2) promoting the Pearl River Delta
region to take the lead in achieving carbon emission peak; (3) encouraging technological innovation to guide the green, low-carbon,
and high-quality development; (4) improving air, land, and water environment; (5) creating a new fashion for ecological civilization;
and (6) accelerating the innovation of ecological civilization systems.

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