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2024, Vol.18, Issue.1

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Clean and highly-efficient utilization of coal

Guangxi YUE, Junfu LYU, Shuiqing LI

13 Feb 2021 | Frontiers in Energy

Progress and prospect of hydrate-based desalination technology

Jibao ZHANG, Shujun CHEN, Ning MAO, Tianbiao HE

14 May 2021 | Frontiers in Energy

A comprehensive review and analysis of solar forecasting techniques

Pardeep SINGLA, Manoj DUHAN, Sumit SAROHA

12 Mar 2021 | Frontiers in Energy

Approach and potential of replacing oil and natural gas with coal in China

Junjie LI, Yajun TIAN, Xiaohui YAN, Jingdong YANG, Yonggang WANG, Wenqiang XU, Kechang XIE

2 Apr 2020 | Frontiers in Energy